I feel like my country is fractured beyond redemption.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released over the weekend. I think our whole country should be celebrating. Instead, the GOP is criticizing the Obama administration & calling for congressional hearings. What is wrong with these people? This young man spent five years as a POW. He has spent over 1/5 of his life as a prisoner. His family never gave up hope.
One of the outspoken critics is Sen. John McCain, who was a POW during the Vietnam Nam War. I am shaking my head reading the comments that are on the online articles from my local newspaper & tv stations. There are individuals suggesting that Bowe should be executed & his parents too. They do not care to read that the reason Bowe’s father grew his beard & learned the language of Bowe’s captors was in order to be able to understand what his son was experiencing. The lack of compassion & the comments of these jingoistic, knee-jerk reactionaries are embarrassing to me & to our whole nation.
Let this man heal, renew his ties with his family & be welcomed home. Enough already!