Jack Hassard: Why Bill Gates Defends the Common Core

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We have long known on this site that Bill Gates’  foundation underwrote every aspect of the Common Core standards. Mercedes Schneider has documented nearly $200 million in grants specifically for the writing, evaluation, review, implementation, and advocacy for the Common Core standards.

Jack Hassard, a retired professor of science education, has scoured the Gates search engine and concluded that the investment of the Gates Foundation in the Common Core is actually $2.3 billion.

Hassard notes:

Why is Bill Gates so concerned about those that have taken on Achieve’s Common Core State Standards?

The answer is that the Gates Foundation has invested about $2.3 billion into the Common Standards and related efforts.  Please read ahead.

In public speeches, Gates has called out those who try to interfere with the implementation of the Common Standards.   When Gates first used his billions to reach out to eduction, there was some glimmer of…

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The Uncertainty of an Idaho Springtime

As a native Idahoan, I should have become accustomed to the changes of our weather patterns. But I am not. On Sunday, we had temperatures in the seventies. I opened all the windows & aired out our home, while my husband mowed the lawn for the first time this year. It felt rejuvenating. I unpacked summer clothes & donned a pair of capris & sandals.
Then in the middle of the night, things changed. The wind began to blow. Not just a little breeze, we were assaulted with wild gusts that toppled trees into power lines & rattled everyone’s nerves. The rain fell sideways into windows. Littered plastic grocery bags took to the skies like strange synthetic jellyfish & danced high over the landscape. It was disconcerting. I felt like I was in an alien landscape & needed lights on in the house to see me through my tasks.
Then things changed after sunset. The winds went away as quickly as they came. The skies were clear & we were treated to a dinner-plate sized full moon, rising over the foothills & bright, starry skies. I stood outside & stared, in awe of the heavens. For every change there is a consummate beauty. I feel small & insignificant & yet connected & inter-related with the forces of nature, all at the same time. How wondrous the natural world can be!