Saturday Night – Playing With a Watercolor Set

Last night I was at the kitchen table, using some simple kid’s watercolors. My husband was using the room we share as an art studio, so I was just using the space where I had access. I was playing with my cat too, he kept jumping up & trying to drink out of the cup of water I was using to wet my paint pans. I put my glasses on him. This is the painting I did.



To All The Parents I Judged Before I Was A Parent: I’m Sorry


To all the parents I judged before I was a parent: I’m Sorry!



I remember all the times I gave parents a secret dirty look.

“Oh why is that kid not wearing shoes or socks? It’s freezing out!”

Listening to another tantrum in Target—on karmic end, I never gave a nasty look or made any bad comments. I usually felt bad for the kid—“Oh boy, someone’s having a bad day. I’m so glad I don’t have a kid.”

“Jesus is that kid a brat! Parents these days. They spoil kids, you know?”

I was a regular old “know-it-all” yet I had barely parented a plant.

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