I’m Sorry For My Generation

I'm Sorry For My Generation.


Daily Prompt: He/she said….

Well, I asked my husband what he was thinking about and here it is. He recently got a new book about Celtic designs in work-working, for borders and decoration. He used to do a lot of wood-working when we were newlyweds. He built all the cabinets for the studio apartment we lived in then and made a lovely cradle that all our babies used. He also made me a jewelry box from the leftover wood from the cradle. Now he wants to try and incorporate carving into the frames for some of his new Sacred Geometry paintings. I am pretty certain I would not have the patience to carve anything, but am anxious to see what he comes up with in the future. It is fun to share my life with someone that is creative and always seeking knew ways to be expressive.

April 12, 2013


Look! My first knit hat!

I had some left over yarn from one of the first baby blankets I crocheted, I figured why not try to make a matching hat?  Once I figured out how to make the tail long enough to cast on, (but not too long!), and once I got it joined properly, (a bit more tricky than it seemed), and once I got past the first two rows (more annoying to not twist and get the stitches to flow than I thought), it worked up quickly.

The hat was done in two nights?  Or was it three?  Anyway, fast.  Maybe just as fast as a crocheted hat, at least this style, anyway.  And using the  double pointed needles once starting the decreases took a bit to get used to.  Maybe I’ll splurge and get another circular needle and do the trick the ladies at the yarn store…

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Idaho Statehouse Dome

Idaho Statehouse Dome

My Mom used to be an Idaho state employee, and her office was in the basement of the Idaho State Capitol Building in the 1960s. Sometimes, I would have a dentist appointment downtown after school. I would walk over to the Capitol to wait and get a ride home with her when she left at five. If I was early, I would look around to make sure no one was watching and lie down on floor on the street level and look up at the interior of the dome. It has gold trim and stars painted inside the very top rim.
I thought it was the most amazing place. I first saw the Capitol on a field trip when I was in Elementary school. It was all marble columns and walls inside and seemed magical to me. I thought it was still enchanting when I was a college student and had an internship with the State Senate Minority. It is a place I wanted to work in when I was an adult. I wanted to be part of the system that helped guide our State and make the laws to make Idaho an even better place to be. Now I feel like there is a little bit of tarnish on all that gold. My feeling is that the lobbyists control what goes on in our Statehouse and the voters are ignored. Pretty sad, for all those dreams that little girl had – to be dashed by the reality of corporate greed, private interest over public and the realization that money is what makes the world go ’round.