the opposite of love’s indifference…

Such a wonderful line from the Lumineers.

You give time to what you truly care  about

When we give all our time away to things that do not matter-

We are, in essence ignoring what does matter.

I like to think that my writing and my art matter, 

that they are expressions of my feelings and my heartfelt

desire to connect with others.

It is easier to be numb

To tune out in front of the tv.

It truly takes effort to make a creative and humane connection

with another creature.

How many missed connections do we have on a daily basis

because we are just worn down by modern life.

The rush of traffic, to get from point A to point B.

At what cost?

I would rather listen to the wind in the trees,

feel the sun on my cheek than sit in a wheeled box

in a long line of boxes, waiting for the light to change.

What about the light inside? What will make it ignite?



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