It is a typical Idaho Spring day, it can’t decide to be sunny or cloudy

The day started with promise. Sunshine pouring through the windows in the kitchen when I opened the blinds, throwing rainbows from our hanging crystals over the room. Then, right when I am in the middle of my bowl of oatmeal, it went dark again. All day, back and forth. I was hot, not ten minutes ago, with the sun beating in through the open windows in the studio. I had the crazy thought I should go and change my shirt. Nope! Now it is chilly again.

I am a native to this state and I should know it is like this. We are having the “teaser” of Spring. It could still blizzard, and dump down inches of school-closing snow while we sleep, unsuspecting, in our beds.

I spent my childhood carefully navigating slush in my new Easter sandals with my toes wishing for rubber boots. If you don’t like the weather here, wait five  minutes, it will change!

I cannot help but yearn for the sunshine that bleaches the winter blues out of my bones and freckles my skin. I was one of those silly girls in the 70’s that would put on her bikini and lay out on the lawn at the very first chance. Rubbing Tan Le-Soliel into my skin and wanting a tan line. Now I slather on the sunscreen and hope all that youthful sun-worshipping does not lead to skin cancer. Oh, for the less-stressful days of my teens, when you did not need to concern yourself about these things. The hole in the ozone layer has robbed of us of a lot more than safe skin. It took away that easy and relaxed attitude I had when I was sixteen, as well.


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