I was most terrified, the day I decided to run for public office

I live in a very conservative district, in the reddest of red states – Idaho. I just could not bear that no one was going to challenge a local politician that regularly recited Bible verses from the Senate floor and thought women were not supposed to even vote, let alone hold office. I decided to file and run against him. I lost. But it was a gratifying experience.

I met a lot of  interesting folks going door to door and I managed to get about $8000 in donations. I ran again the next year and was down ticket from Barack Obama. I got even fewer votes, but it was a strong memory, seeing my name on the ticker on the local tv station. I may never run again, but I am glad I did it. The local newspaper did not endorse me and that was aggravating…I felt I did well in my interview with the editorial board. I was not nervous: Why did they choose the other guy? Was it justified? I know I believe in the democratic process, I feel that it is going to be sometime before any Dems are elected in my town.



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